What is in a name?

Why does this blog have the title rubiconrubric? The title consists of two words, namely “rubicon” and “rubric”. Rubicon refers, in the first place, to the Rubicon river in Italy. When it is said that someone has “crossed the Rubicon” it implies that she has reached a point of no return. This is however not used to refer to a geographical place. The proverbial saying is applied to someone who has made a “paradigm shift”. In the second place the word Rubicon refers to a (discontinued) series by AMC with the same title. In this show the lead role, Will Travers the intelligence analyst, has to “cross the Rubicon” in order to uncover a conspiracy. (Un)fortunately this blog isn’t about conspiracies.

This brings us to the second word, rubric. This word has many meanings (i.e. polysemic). The first reason for choosing this word is because it is a direct translation of the Afrikaans word “rubriek” that refers to a column in a newspaper or magazine. Rubric also refers to explicit set of criteria used for assessing a particular type of work or performance. Last, but definitely not least, rubric refers to a word or section of a text usually written or printed in red ink to highlight it. These rubrics were also used to instruct a priest/minister during worship. The term is also used more loosely to refer to the movements during worship.

So, what is in this particular name? This blog invites the reader to “cross the Rubicon”, to reach a point of no return. This blog does however not promote the avant-garde just for the sake of the avant-garde. It does not (or at least tries not to) promote revolutionism or nihilism. This is where the meaning of the word “rubric” comes to the fore. You, the readers, must serve as the rubric. You are the set of criteria that will be used to evaluate this blog. Secondly, just as the rubric is used to instruct a priest/minister during worship, this rubric/column will try to remain faithful to the rubric(s) of worship.


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